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We are a new small home-based business in West Sacramento, California, serving the Greater Sacramento region.

During our exploration of the floral industry, we discovered many beautiful blooms that are seldomly available at retail flower shops as "giftables". Some are incredibly captivating & unique but they are also more expensive, delicate and hard to source, making them exclusive to weddings and special events.

Petalish Flowers was born to share some of these gorgeous blooms with you, as we believe everyone should be able to indulge in their beauty. Our goal is to curate the most exquisite floral arrangements with the most coveted flowers. As we continue to showcase our craft, we hope to slowly introduce you to these gems that sparked our passion.

Whether gifted or enjoyed inside your own home or office, we hope you’ll be captivated by these little luxuries just as much as we enjoy making them.

Our style: Soft & romantic. Simple & elegant.


Alissa (Founder)

Pink Gold Flowers.png
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